The human health secrets discovered in the powerful Himalayas of Pakistan

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Shilajit is a natural organic supplement, made of herbs due to climatic (environmental) changes at very high altitudes ranging between 1000 to 5000 meters above sea level.  Since the plants undergo climatic changes for decades before transforming themselves into Shilajit, the raw form of the supplement sticks with the rocks which is later purified using different processes.  The supplement is found to have more than 80 minerals when extracted in its pure form from Himalayan region. Shilajit is also found in some other parts of the world like Chile, Russia, China, etc. However, the Shilajit from Himalayan region is considered the most potent due to high altitude and great environment for Shilajit lifecycle.



Shilajit has a number of health benefits. Traditionally it is used for rejuvenation purposes and to slow down the aging process. Scientists are taking a special interest in understanding the chemical composition of this supplement and identifying its health benefits. Several laboratory analyses have shown that fulvic acid in Shilajit is useful for detoxification of toxins from the body, improved skin health, and neuroprotection. The supplement also has therapeutic properties, including cardio-protective, anti-hyperlipidemia, diuretic, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and it acts as a cardiac tonic, nerve tonic, aphrodisiac, and rejuvenating agent. Given below are the key advantages of using Shilajit.


Shalajit is a miraculous supplement when it comes to men’s health. Shilajit contains fulvic acid, humic acid and antioxidants that are beneficial for men. Shilajit increases sperm count, it can improve sperm activity relieving male infertility issues. It also elevates the testosterone level which predominantly increases male sex hormones. Shilajit contains selenium and zinc which are useful in increasing testosterone levels. It basically regulates the production of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – hormones that are precursors of testosterone in men.


Shilajit can play a vital role for improving health conditions in women. Utilized as an herbal tonic it can increase women vitality. It can improve physical health and allows them to endure tedious activities.  Shilajit also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle and provides relief from premenstrual syndrome. it can improve women’s sexual health. Day-to-day physical mental stress and increased stress becomes an obstacle to a woman’s libido. But if they consume Shilajit regularly, it can improve blood flow to the female genital tract and revives their sexual health. Shilajit is also considered beneficial for infertility problems in women and treating urinary infections. It also fights symptoms of calcium deficiency and reduces the effects of aging, such as hair loss or wrinkles.


Shilijit is proved to be an effective solution for the weight loss and detoxification. Increase in age tends to slow down the metabolism leading to an overall fat gain. Shilajit is an effective supplement that can increase metabolism and also reduces the appetite leading to a fit and healthy body.


Shilajit has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it breaks down toxin pollutants whereby cleansing the body.


With growing age, deterioration of bones is seen to be a common problem in both men and women. However, the process starts earlier in women around 30s, one natural treatment for such problem can be taking Shilajit on regular basis. Shilajit effectiveness for tissue regeneration has also been acknowledged by Soviet scientists as it transfers essential minerals to bones to protect the overall structure of the skeleton. Clinical studies show that both humic acid and fulvic acid present in Shilajit are very helpful in the regeneration of cartilage tissue providing flexible bone movement and mobility. Shilajit also helps in absorption of calcium and proper functioning of joints. If you take this supplement regularly, your body helps to consume calcium from bones and keeps knee pain under control.


Use of shilajit on regular basis can improve the hairs health and prevent hair loss as it contains iron, zinc vitamin A and other minerals beneficial for hairs.


Application of Shilajit may also prevent skin decaying and slow down anti-aging process. The antioxidant properties of Shilajit repair damaged tissues and also help removal of dead skin cells. Applying Shilajit as face-mask can reduces dark circles, anti-aging spots blemishes and fine lines and gives you more a younger glowing skin.


Shilajit contain vital minerals and compounds that can uplift your mood, enhance immunity, and reduce the overall stress and anxiety. It can make the nervous system strong, improves sleep and enhances memory by reducing stress levels. Shilajit consumption by children can also be beneficial as it improves their mental alertness and intellectual ability.


A strong immune system protects your body from many diseases; Regular consumption of Shilajit can increase the white blood cells in the body and as a result, strengthens the immune system. Shilajit activates two types of white blood cells, i.e., splenocytes and macrophages; as a result it detoxifies capacity of the body and allows the stimulation of the immune system.


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes severe fatigue and tiredness making it harder for people to work or carry out their day to day task. This syndrome is directly related to mitochondrial dysfunction useful for absorbing nutrients from food. Shilajit contains dibenzo-alpha-pyrone that can enhance the energy synthesizing ability of mitochondria. Research studies have shown that Shilajit can minimize the symptoms of CFS whereby improving physical performance and providing relief from tiredness and fatigue.


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that adversely affects the thinking pattern, behavior, and memory function of a person. Researchers believe that the molecular composition of Shilajit can prevent the disease from progressing. Also, fulvic acid present in Shilajit makes it a vital supplement for cognitive health. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of fulvic acid also helps in fighting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Shilajit is useful in the treatment of high altitude sickness as it contains over 80 minerals that offer various health benefits. The diuretic property of shilajit supplement removes excess fluid from the body and effectively helps in dealing with high altitude issues.


Anemia is normally caused by the inability to absorb iron, blood loss, or by taking the low-iron diet. This deficiency can be treated by Shilajit as it gradually increases the iron level in your blood. It also increases the red blood cells and gradually improves the hemoglobin level in the blood.


Shilajit possesses healing properties which may help in nourishment of skin. Fulvic acid has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may provide protection against free radicals and also keeps the cells from damaging. Additionally its energy generation ability removes toxic material from body quickly leading to a healthier skin.


According to the Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit accumulates rasayana properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, rasayana means the science of promoting the overall lifespan and maintaining optimal health along with reducing the effect of aging. That means Shilajit can provide relief from stress, helps in gaining stamina, and also make the body strong. It brings the body back to its balanced and healthy state.


Shilajit is also a useful supplement for those who wish to rejuvenate, cleanse, and tone their reproductive as well as urinary tract organs.


People suffering from food digestion problems can benefit from Shilajit as it has the tendency to improve the digestive system efficiency.



Shilajit can o be used externally to make your skin look smooth and younger. You can simply start rubbing on your skin to see the benefits. This supreme herb has tried and true benefits in several skin disorders including radicular pains. This herb also fights germs inside your skin and works as an antiseptic. A skin mask of Shilajit can be applied to the skin to see the charm on your skin. You can become more creative by adding mask ingredients like honey, ginger, avocados and nutmeg.

SHILAJIT SKIN TONER RECIPE: Shilajit has skin glowing properties due to the presence of organic acids that not only lighten the skin but also have peeling effects on the skin. Additionally, the Carotenoids present in Shilajit are beneficial for exfoliation and removing dead skin cells. It revives the firmness and elasticity of skin due to the presence of essentials vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, C, Copper, Zinc, flavonoid, lysine, Amino acid, Silicon, and Sulfur.

Shilajit contains certain components such as chromium, copper, Manganese, Zinc, Carotenoids that are protective against premature aging skin.  The Anti-oxidant properties attributed to Shilajit can make it a perfect skin toner.

Dissolve 0.2 grams of Shilajit in a 50 ml still mineral water. Afterward, transfer this solution to a pre-sterilized jar. Then add 5 drops of Orange essential oil to the prepared solution and mix it well. Your toner is ready; you can apply this toner twice daily or as required. Leave this solution to your face and neck for 10-15 minutes and it off then rinse with cold water. You may need to apply any moisturizer after it.

SHILAJIT SKIN NOURISHMENT RECIPE: For skin nourishment and skin strength, prepare a Shilajit skin-nourishing mask. Add 2 tablespoon of oat flakes in 1 tablespoon of boiling water and infuse it for about 15 minutes. Then add 1 gram of Shilajit to the pre-infused mixture. Combine it well so that Shilajit is evenly mixed into the mixture. Then apply this mixture on to your face and leave it for 15-18 minutes until the mask becomes dry. Try not to wash this mask with cold water. You can rinse it thoroughly with warm or lukewarm water. Make sure to remove any residues. Apply a moisturizer.


Shilajit can be your perfect tool for acne treatment. Not only it can eradicate toxins from your skin but also strengthens your overall body. The anti-inflammatory properties attributed to Shilajit make it a supreme solution for acne treatment. You can apply any of the following mask recipes to for acne treatment and see the amazing effects.

SHILAJIT MOISTIRIZER MASK: Prepare a mixture by adding 1 tablespoon of any preferable moisturizer to 0.3 grams of Shilajit. Afterwards mix 3-4 drops of Aloe Vera gel and a pair of lemon drops. Combine it well. Then apply this mixture onto your face and leave it for 25 minutes before washing it off. See the results.

SHILAJIT OLIVE OILMASK: Prepare a face mask by combining 2 grams of Shilajit with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoon of honey and mix it well. Apply this mixture onto your face and neck area and leave it for 30 minutes. Afterwards wash it with light-warm water and see the results.

SHILAJIT EGG MASK: Prepare a Shilajit Egg Mask by combining 0.3 grams of Shilajit to a pre-separated egg yolk. Mix the solution well until foamy. Afterwards apply this foamy mask onto your face and leave it for 25 minutes. Rinse off with cold water to see its whitening effects. 

SHILAJIT HONEY MASK: You can also prepare a honey mask by adding one tablespoon of warm honey with 2 grams of Shilajit. Apply this as a face mask and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and see the effective results.

SHILAJIT YEAST MASK: Prepare a Shilajit-yeast mask by dissolving 1 tablespoon of brewers’ yeast in one tablespoon water. Let it infuse for 20 minutes. Afterwards, add 5 drops of lemon to 0.3 grams of Shilajit. Combine all ingredients together and gradually add 5 drops of tea tree oil to it. Use this mixture as a face mask and leave it for 25 minutes. Afterwards Rinse it off with water and see the cleansing effects

SHILAJIT SUCCINIC MASK: Shilajit Succinic Acid Mask can be prepared to harness the natural benefits of both ingredients. You need to add crushed tablets of succinic acid to equal proportion of pure Shilajit.  Then dissolve this powdery mix to natural olive oil or peach oil. Or you can simply add it to warm water. Dissolve it well and afterwards apply the dissolved mixture to the acne area of your skin. The mixture has anti- inflammatory effects. It can regenerate the spoiled structure of epidermis.


It may sound a bit weird, but yes Shilajit can do wonders with your hair. Now the time has come to enjoy thick and healthy long hair without trying different kinds of artificial hair products. If you really want to make the dream of healthy long hairs come true, then follow the below recipes with Shilajit.

SHILAJIT THICK HAIR RECIPE: Simply add 0.5 grams of natural Shilajit to your regular shampoo. Don’t worry if you see the shampoo getting darker. Wash your hair using the newly prepared shampoo with one nuance. Prefer leaving the shampoo foam for about 5 to 7 minutes and then wash off. This recipe will help the hairs to grow thick and long.

SHILAJIT TO STRONG HAIR RECIPE: Shilajit can be very fruitful to strengthen your hair and increase its growth. The following procedure can be followed to achieve your goal of strong and long hair. Take 0.5 grams of Shilajit and dilute in 1.5 cups water. Now you can pour this solution into a spray bottle to spray this liquid on the hair roots. Try doing this at least 2 hours before bathing or washing your hair. It is also very beneficial to take just 0.2 grams of Shilajit on a daily basis along with spraying the water-Shilajit solution on hair roots. This will strengthen your hair and allow them to grow quickly.

SHILAJIT SHINY HAIR RECIPE: No need to worry if your hairs are dry and rough because an amazing Shilajit recipe will turn them into shiny and beautiful hair. Simply grind 100 grams cranberry and fill with hot boiling water, then leave it for about four hours. Now dissolve 0.5 grams of Shilajit in this and start rubbing the mixture into your hair roots. This procedure has miraculous results in making your hair shiny and attractive.


The pure and natural Shilajit has a specific quantity of organic acids that have the whitening and peeling effect on the human skin. Carotenoids in Shilajit contribute a lot in removing the dead and keratinized cells from the skin. Vitamins E, C, Zinc, Copper, flavonoids, Amino acid lysine, Rutin, Silicon and Sulfur stimulate the natural creation of fibrillar collagen protein which is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

Some of the important components of Shilajit are great in preventing the premature aging of your skin. These include Chromium, Copper, Silicon, Manganese, Zinc, Carotenoids, Organic acids, Tannins, Magnesium, Vitamins C and E. Shilajit can be also be used as cosmetic to get rid of various skin problems.

Toning is one of the most significant but ignored skin care treatments. Shilajit antioxidant feature makes it a perfect fit for such purpose.

UNIVERSAL TONIC RECIPE: The following ingredients are required to prepare Shilajit universal tonic recipe.

0.2 grams of Shilajit

50 ml. still mineral water

Orange Essential Oil five drops

First dissolve the natural Shilajit in water. Now pour this mixture into the prepared sterilized jar, add the essential oil and start shaking well. You can use this remedy as a plain tonic twice or once a day as per your requirement. There is another option if you do not feel comfortable with the smell of Shilajit. Humidify a cotton pad with tonic and then wipe your face, decollete and neck area. Now leave to dry, afterwards wait for about ten to fifteen minutes before washing with plain water. After rinsing off, you can apply your regular moisturizer. If you want to see truly amazing results, try applying Shilajit tonic daily for at least two to three weeks.

How to Consume Shilajit

Shilajit can be consumed in liquid or solid form. The easiest way of consuming Shilajit is by dissolving (not more than 100-150mg) of Shilajit in a glass of water or milk.

Water vs Milk

Since Shilajit has the tendency to increase the body temperature to a very minute level, it is recommended to take Shilajit with water in summer and milk in winter season.

Best Dosage Time

The best time to take Shilajit is the early morning or day time before having breakfast or lunch. Try not to eat anything for sometime after consuming Shilajit. The overall effect of Shilajit slows down when it is consumed with other food. In such case, the dosage level can be increased.