Shilajit is a tar like subtsance that occurs naturally in high altitude mountains in some parts of the world including Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It is made up of decomposition of plants and herbs. The decomposition takes thousands of years to become Shilajit.

The well-known Shilajit elements include Fulvic acid, humic acid, benzoic acid, oxalic acids, tannic acid, glycosides, and phenolic acids. Similarly, the most talked about minerals in Shilajit are Iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, dibenzo-alpha pyrone, silicon, antimony, silver, sulfur, retinol, and iodine

Fulvic acid is created due to the decomposition of plants. It is also known as nature’s miracle molecule. There are a number of benefits of Fulvic acid. The best role of Fulvic acid in the human body is the transportation of the food deep inside the cells and its anti-aging properties.

Himalayan Healing Shilajit recent lab test in a USA accredited food test laboratory shows that our Shilajit contains 67% Fulvic acid, which is the highest  in any known Shilajit products.

Not all Shilajit products contain heavy metals. Poor graded Shilajit and poorly filtered Shilajit products contain heavy metals. We have tested our Shilajit product in labs and all the minerals ratio well in the edible range.

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Shilajit can be consumed by dissolving a small quantity (of size of rice or wheat grain) in  a glass of water , milk, or juice.

The best time to take Shilajit dose is the early morning. The second bet timing for Shilajit consumption is before lunch. There should be at least 30 minutes gap between the Shilajit dosage and other food consumption.

Yes. The scientists have  performed the fertility test by comparing the sperms ratio of those who were asked to use Shilajit for some weeks with others. The sperms ratio of people having Shilajit dosage was far more than others. There are great chances of productivity (child birth) in families who don’t have any kids. Shilajit may help them in fulfilling body deficiencies to become parents with the blessing of Almighty ALLAH.

You can use Shilajit for as long as you desire. Shilajit is not a medicine. It is a natural supplement that has no harm in using as compared to chemically produced supplements that damage  your body if used for longer period of time.

No case has been reported ever that prove the drawbacks of using Shilajt during pregnancy. Infact Shilajit can help pregnant women in fulfilling their body deficiencies.

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