How a Strong Immune System Defeats Viral Infections
immune system

People have heard of the immune system but not many actually know what the immune system is and how it protects our body from the external viruses and bacteria around us. We can define the immune system as the body defense system that is comprised of different body cells and organs working together to fight external threats like viruses and different kinds of diseases. The white blood cells play an important role in this regard. White blood cells can be categorized into two types namely phagocytes and lymphocytes. The lymphocytes can be divided into two types of cells. Let’s call them B and T type lymphocytes. Both types have different roles in body defense. The B type finds the invader germs (viruses) in the body and sends information to the T type cells. The T type cells destroy those germs or viruses present in the body. The phagocytes also play their role in finding and killing the bad bacteria in the body. This is how an immune system in the human body works 24/7. You can think of your immune system as an army deployed on the border (body) whose job is to stop invasions and kill the enemies (viruses etc.). But what happens if you have a weak immune system? Obviously you lose the war against viruses and germs. This is why infants and too old people get sick comparatively quickly because of a weak immune system. Today, the world is suffering from a number of viral infections and diseases. Apart from the medication, a strong immune system can help you fight these viruses and stay healthy. Following is a brief overview of some healthy tips that can boost your immune system and keep you safer from the majority of the viruses around you.

Spasmodic Fasting

Fasting is probably one of the ancient remedies that humans apply on their bodies to reset their immune system and making it more prepared for external germs threats. According to a study, fasting for 16 to 18 hours helps your body to fix your immune system by repairing the damaged cells and getting rid of the destroyed cells in the immune system.  Having plenty of water after the fasting period can actually help you in flushing the germs out of your body.

Anti-Stress Activities

People with more stress are witnessed to have a weaker immune system. Without going into technical details of the facts, it has been observed that a stress-free life can actually boost your immune system. Different yoga exercises can be applied to the body to release the stress and make the immune system better. Sleep is also one of the factors that can increase the stress level in the body and destroy your immune system. A good sleep actually provides time and opportunity to your body to relax and energize your immune system.

Gut Health

Our immune system depends a lot on what we eat and how much we eat. It is a 100% proven fact that people who eat less stay healthier than those who eat more. Our body consists of good bacteria that help our digestive system. When we eat too much or eat junk food, we actually invite the influx of bad bacteria. Too many bad bacteria can absorb the good bacteria in your body and create serious health problems. A balanced diet can help you in boosting your immune system and reserving the energy for a more serious external virus threats awaiting for a breach in the body.


Healthy supplements can boost your immune system a lot; especially in cases where your immune system finds it hard to fight the more severe health problems like acute respiratory tract infections. For example, a clinical experiment was conducted in a research where a number of volunteers (aged up to 95 years) were given a (specific ratio of) vitamin D supplement and observed that participants were able to fight the respiratory tract infection. Today, we are witnessing a lot of viral infections that actually damage the respiratory tract system of the human body. From the above experimental research, we can assume that a health supplement can actually help the human body to fight the viral infections. How to find a health supplement around you? Well, there are a number of healthy foods that can actually work as a health supplement. We can’t recommend any synthetic supplement to boost the immune system. One must consult with his doctor to find the right supplement based on the deficiencies found in the tests conducted by respective doctors. However, we do recommend the natural herbs that can actually help your immune system to grow stronger against different types of viruses and infections around you. Ginger, garlic, and turmeric are actually the best source of energy. People who add these edibles in their cooking are found healthier and stronger enough to fight the germs.


Shilajit is without any doubt one of the best naturally occurring supplement on earth. Overall, Shilajit is loaded with more than 80 minerals that are considered vital for health. Some minerals in Shilajit are actually the true source of boosting the immune system of the body. The world has witnessed a number of viruses and infections for centuries. However, the Shilajit-rich areas had never been reported of such viral infections to date.  A number of research and experiments have been conducted to explore the associated benefits of Shilajit. The results show that Shilajit not only helps in improving the immune system but also helps in healing your body naturally. However, it is also a fact that only 100% organic and highly filtered Shilajit can provide such benefits. 90% of the Shilajit around you is either fake or contaminated. We recommend buying Shilajit from an authentic source. Himalayan Healing Shilajit is a trusted source of buying authentic Shilajit. We are a registered Shilajit brand in the world. One can verify the registration of our business by visiting the FBR web portal and inquiring about our NTN#7453523-2.

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